The digital workplace require no special IT skills. You only need to know which priority to set.

Manage all your incoming POST, FAX, SCANNINGS and public e-Inboxes.

Do you have an overview of the connections of all partners, suppliers and customers?

What use are working documents that are not available to all or not to be found by all?

Is the agreement on the current solution available? If this agreement is missing, the project or plan will inevitably fail.

Your digital workplace

Your digital workplace to maintain your customers and contacts, lead paperless office and structured documents filing and efficient automation of the tasks of your company. With the deskOne you focus on your business while still maintaining control and visibility.

Paperless office

With intelligent document management data can be stored in a structured manner and easily retrieved.

Use automation efficiently

Design individual workflows tailored to your business with the integrated process engine. Be aware of every task anytime and anywhere.

Maintain customers and contacts

The address management facilitates any interaction in daily business between employees and supervisors, but also between partners, customers and suppliers. 

Automatically process incoming mail

Take advantage of the deskOne inbox and scanning solution, which allows you to quickly and efficiently automate and store your inboxes such as invoices, quotes, e-mails and other documents in the right place.

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Not convinced yet? With a clear view, the optimization and thus the measurable cost savings is only one step away.

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Why companies like deskOne.

Regardless of branches, we offer a variety of categories in all areas of a company.

A change to the digital workplace is also possible for you in simple steps.

Flexible control of your business processes

Manage all your incoming POST, FAX, SCANNINGS and public e-Inboxes. Automatically assign the right activities to the right people and teams based on rules, simple and reliable, without administrative effort. Optimize the overall process and avoid unnecessary manual intervention.

Define simple and effective rules like:

• Sender

• same subject

• Responsibility based on a location or region

• Or based on a country

• And last but not least with a selected language

Maintain the overview of your customers

Do you have an overview of all connections of all partners, suppliers and customers in focus? deskOne will show you all from one point existing connections and stakeholders without detours directly to the target.


Make use of a clever system that acts as a link between ERP and the financial system or other subsystems, structuring the work and making it easy to integrate. Control the flood of information internally but also externally.

High performance search in large file storages

What use are work documents that are not available to everyone or cannot be found by all?Where is the efficiency when documents are created in duplicate and triplicate, because existing documents cannot be found?


A structured and simple filing of the business-relevant data makes a quick and uncomplicated finding possible. Avoid errors and losses of orders, invoices, inquiries and other unpleasant occurences.

Increase employee acceptance

Is the approval of the current solution available? If this approval is missing, the project or undertaking will inevitably fail. The success of a project depends on the acceptance of the employees, ie on whether the users actually use the software to the full extent.


Therefore, deskOne is specially tailored to the working methods of the employees and makes the functions easy and reliable. As easy as the access to the information is, as fast are external applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other editing programs involved.

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