Address management

Do you have an overview of the connections of all partners, suppliers and customers in focus? deskOne, will show you all from one point existing connections and Stakeholders without detours directly to the target.


Maintain customers and contacts

Customer information

Categorize your customers and contacts. Add your business-relevant information and link customers to each other’s relationships.

Mailing lists

With the address distributor you can group addresses according to your criteria. You can then use the distributor for bulk mail or for regional evaluations or customer reviews.

Addresses and templates

Use your addresses in your templates and create form letters or evaluations.

Connect ERP / CRM

Integrate your ERP, CRM or your own address administration and get a complete overview of your addresses.

Address management - Import

Import addresses

You already have a large number of customers and contacts. Use our address import and benefit from the central address administration. The address administration is a central part of the software and offers many functions and possibilities to use your contact data. Using the contact data, offers can be created, invoices can be written, further documents can be created or they can be used in address distributors.

Customer management

No orders without customers and without orders no success. Therefore, use the integrated address administration and store the company-relevant information about the customer in the central address administration. Get an overview of your customer relationships and contacts and manage everything in the area of the customer directly and easily in the central administration. Categorize your customers according to your own criteria and arrange your contacts according to your needs.

Address management Customer management
Address management - Statistics


With the integrated evaluations, you can quickly get an overview of your customers, partners or suppliers. For further processing of the data, the integrated export function is available. The export of existing addresses is possible in common formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, XML and others.

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